e___e So cool.

((and it’s true))

i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps


exo’s beautiful galaxy ocean =

Tao is very sick today, he has a high fever and was often leaning on someone because his whole body was weak and many said he looked uncomfortable. Please rest when you can;;

junhong’s reaction to daehyun saying “shit” 



Everyone, the guy in the top left picture isn’t the Jung Chawoong who sacrificed himself (well the one I have been seeing everywhere) he is still alive holding the calendar with today’s date on it!

The Jung Chawoong in the bottom picture is the real hero, he’s the one who sacrificed himself for his classmate!

Please spread the news ! also please help stop all the misunderstandings, they just have the same name (:

Happy Easter Everyone ! let’s continue to pray to God in these days !

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